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Fancy a good read? Our first book is on sale now!

At Teach Ted we are all about helping children feel confident when facing new experiences. Our storybook, Ted goes to hospital, helps alleviate anxiety by familiarising your child with the hospital and medical staff, making the hospital journey a smoother process for both your child and you!


Join Ted as he learns to face new challenges with confidence

Children teach Ted about major life events such as hospital admissions and medical procedures. Using research-based learning through play techniques, our apps and story books help ease anxiety in children, provide parents/carers with practical tips and help providers deliver the best possible patient experience.

Help Ted and his best friend Lambie as they venture through new experiences, meet friendly characters who help him along the way and discover machines that go beep.

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The power of reducing my patients’ stress before a surgery changes the surgical experience for everyone – parents, staff and the doctors. Teach Ted is a wonderful initiative to make a life challenge less confronting and easier to navigate.
— A/Prof Larry H Kalish, MBBS (Hons I), MS, MMed (Clin Epi), FRACS Adult and Paediatric Ear Nose and Throat Surgeon

Read your way to readiness

Follow Ted in our first book, Ted goes to hospital, as he meets his surgical team and gets ready to go with the help of the help of his best friend Lambie.

I ordered Teach Ted as soon as it was available for my two year old. He has asthma so we’ve become regulars at the ER [where] Thaddeus was always a bit scared to go. We’ve added Ted goes to Hospital to our weekly bedtime story rotation. Yesterday we again found ourselves in he hospital. This time it was a different experience. Thaddeus was calm, engaged and kept trying to tell the nurses and doctors what comes next. The ER team at Sydney Children is super impressed my the big improvement he’s made in his attitude about going to the hospital!
— Becky Good-weave, mum to Thaddeus

Did you know every year in Australia over 1.25 million kids go to hospital



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Ted is the perfect buddy for that special child in your life and money raised goes towards our research projects to improve the way children experience medical treatment.

Child’s Play

Have you ever heard of Child Life Therapists? No? Neither had we but they have a very important role in the lives of many families with sick kids.

Family Resources

Sometimes it’s hard to find the right information. To make life easier we have compiled a list of trusted health and educational sites that you can access for more information.


Colour me happy

Need some creative quiet time for the kids? Download and print out these two fun colouring images.

Ted and the hospital team →

Ted’s operation is a success! →


What the ‘beep’?

Doctors and nurses use lots of interesting, sometimes noisy machines to look after us when we aren’t well.

This mighty little machine is a pulse oximeter. It clips on to your finger just like a peg and monitors your heart rate and the oxygen level in your blood.


 Our App

We are currently raising funds to build an interactive app that eases the anxiety for young children undergoing medical treatment and their families. This video highlights Ted Goes to Hospital. If you’re interested in getting involved we’d love to chat.

If there was something out there that could help (kids) understand and feel better prepared, desensitise them to the process, then they would manage and cope so much better with the procedures.
— Sandra Pengilly, The Children's Hospital at Westmead

TED's creators

We love Ted

Our journey to Ted is a personal one.

As the parent or carer of any child who has gone through an operation, you will know that this is a stressful time to navigate, not only for yourselves and the child, but also for other siblings and family members.

Sare’s daughter was born with a heart defect which led to her having open heart surgery, and four years later she was back at the hospital with her son who required a more routine tonsil/adenoidectomy.

Sarah’s two children also spent their fair share of time in and out of hospitals with asthma, grommets and adenoidectomies.

A solution was needed to help children along with their parents and carers navigate new and stressful situations in a fun, relateable and engaging way…. and so Ted was born.

Sare Christensen and Sarah Cummings, the creators behind Teach Ted.

Sare Christensen and Sarah Cummings, the creators behind Teach Ted.